Short Haired Dogs Needs Love Too

Short Haired Dogs Needs Love Too

Slick coated dogs like dobermans and chihuahua’s need there dead hair removed and a de-shedding shampoo. It helps keep the coat healthy and shinny. Toenails need to be cut every 4 to 6 weeks.

Here are exactly whats involved:

  1. A visual health check

  2. Using a carding tool we remove the dead hair
  3. A good ear clean

  4. Toenails cut and filed,
  5. Express glands
  6. A warm cleansing bath using our all-natural products, tailored to your pets fur and skin type
  7. A gentle towel dry and blow dry
  8. A delicious few spritzes of a finishing spray to leave a lasting fragrance on your pet

This price ranges according to the breed of dog. 


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