Drop Coat Specialty

Drop Coat Specialty

This is the long drop coated dog like a Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Yorkshire in general long haired dogs that are still in full coat just needing a trim, sanitary and clean up.

Here are exactly whats involved:

  1. A visual health check

  2. Trim the outline of your furbaby, neatening the long flowing hair
  3. We clean the belly
  4. We clean the privates

  5. We clean the bottom of feet
  6. Trim the bangs and round the feet

  7. A good ear clean

  8. Toenails and file
  9. A warm cleansing bath using our all-natural products, tailored to your pets fur and skin type
  10. A gentle towel dry and blow dry and rake again
  11. A delicious few spritzes of a finishing spray to leave a lasting fragrance on your pet

This price ranges according to the breed of dog. 

NOTE: If you decide to get a haircut like the teddy bear cut on your drop coated furbaby, you should know… the hair will not grow back the same. It will grow back wavy and tangle much easier.

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