Heavy Rake Bath

Heavy Rake Bath

This is the same as the Rake undercoat but additionally, we thin the bib and trousers. Some pet owners like one step further and we take a skimming of length off the body, this making it a full haircut.

Here is exactly whats involved:

  1. A visual health check

  2. We clean the privates only if requested
  3. We clean the bottom of feet if needed
  4. A good ear clean
  5. Toenails cut and dremel
  6. Rake the undercoat out
  7. A warm cleansing bath using our “EPI” de-shed shampoo (optional), tailored to your pets fur and skin type
  8. A gentle towel dry and blow dry
  9. Rake again and thin the bib and trousers with thinning shears
  10. A delicious few spritzes of a finishing spray to leave a lasting fragrance on your pet

This price ranges according to the breed of dog. 

NOTE: You shouldn’t ever have your undercoated dog shaved down. Most people think that this is making the dog cooler… it is making them hotter. The longer hair is a shade to the skin, keeping the dog from sun burning. Of course, we will do what our customers ask of us. However, it is a good thing to look into “Coat Funk”. Take a moment to look it up online. It only takes one shave down that could cause it.


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