Rake Undercoat Out

Rake Undercoat Out

Here is exactly whats involved:

  1. A visual health check

  2. We don’t shave the privates unless you request this on this breed
  3. We clean the bottom of feet if needed
  4. A good ear clean
  5. Toenails cut and dremel
  6. Rake the undercoat out
  7. A warm cleansing bath
  8. A gentle towel dry and blow dry
  9. Rake again
  10. A delicious few spritzes of a finishing spray to leave a lasting fragrance on your pet

This price ranges according to the breed of dog. 

NOTE: You shouldn’t ever have your undercoated dog shaved down. Most people think that this is making the dog cooler… however, it is making them hotter. The longer hair is a shade to the skin, keeping the dog from sun burning. Of course, we will do what our customers ask of us. However, it is a good thing to look into “Coat Funk”. Take a moment to look it up online. It only takes one shave down that could cause it.

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