Half & Half Course

Half & Half Dog Grooming Course Description


Another option is half and half which is a combination of the Comprehensive and the Extensive Online Course: Six weeks resident and six weeks online. Still a 12 week course with same hours and you get both for the price of one.

Students wishing to take a quick course yet learn everything they need to know to become a confident dog stylist. This course is for the motivated fast pace individual with little time. You will learn everything that the Comprehensive course offers while grooming some dogs from home.

Besides learning every aspect of grooming all the different breeds you will learn:

  • Anatomy
  • Skin disorders
  • How and what to study for this profession
  • Ears, Toe Nails, Mats
  • Grooming with Snap-on combs
  • Line Brushing
  • Hand scissoring techniques
  • All about blades and lengths
  • Clipper maintenance
  • Different perspective on proper blow-drying
  • How to acquire a position with any grooming shop
  • And much more, with this course you will be able to enter the first-year groomer competition at any of the dog grooming seminars.
  • Customer relations
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Shop management
  • Facials, pawdicures, mud packs….


Ninty percent of the lessons are hands-on grooming


First part of class is the online course and you finish up with 6 weeks at the resident school. Optionally you can reverse this.


$4800.00 – TUITION

$500.00 – APP FEE

$600.00 – TOOL KIT

$5900.00 – TOTAL

This course teaches the same as the Comprehensive Course  (360 hours)

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