Caring for your Pet Between Grooms

Pet caring Between grooms you need to do a little at home maintenance. Your fur-baby should have a once a day look over to make sure there is no new boo boo’s. Also look for any tangles in the hair, ear odors, or fleas.  Your groomer has to get a comb through every square inch of the fur before they groom it. So the more brushing and combing you do at home the less time and money spent on the groom.

We like to see the skin when we brush out, making sure that we don’t brush over the top of the hair leaving the mats underneath.Pet caring between grooms is necessary Groomers find mats in the the hard to get to places like armpits, legs and inside the legs but don’t forget behind the ears, tails and ears.

IF YOU BATHE YOUR DOG BETWEEN GROOMS, PLEASE COMB OUT FIRST BEFORE YOU LET THE FUR-BABY GET WET! This prevents tangles. So consider this before the beach walk or swimming pool party.

We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks for grooming.  Six weeks is only 9 times a year and keeps fur-baby and  fur-mommy happy.

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